Prospective Members

Welcome to the digital home of the Cumberland Valley Association of Baseball Umpires! We are glad you are interested in membership. Read through the information below. If you have any additional questions, click here and a board member will contact you.

Click on the question for an answer.

The first thing you need is a love of Baseball! After that, CVUA will take care of the rest. Click here and a board member will contact you about requirements and membership.

Visit the PIAA website at or call the Official’s Department at 717-697-0374.

CVUA requires all members to dress alike. Therefore, you will need to buy CVUA hats and shirts. Starter packages are available from various retailers.

Yes. All new umpires will be assigned a mentor who will work with them during their first few seasons and help them become a better umpire.

Yes. For many different reasons, members of CVUA are not able to work PIAA games. You are more than welcome to just work recreational games.

This depends on you. There is plenty of opportunity for advancement.

CVUA covers most of the West Shore as well as select teams Perry and York Counties.

This depends on your schedule. During the busy months of April, May and June, while High School games are still being played, you can almost set your own schedule. On most summer nights, CVUA has between 70-100 assignments.

CVUA charges $41 for a Little League game all the way to $76 for the Over 30 league. Game fees will depend on the level you umpires.

All new umpire will be paired with a veteran umpire for training. You will work our Teener age group where 2 umpires are always on the field together. You will also need to attend chapter meetings and begin rules study.